How to prepare for your interview

Some of this may seem to be stating the obvious, but never the less it is worth being reminded of.

Make sure you arrive on time, or even 5 minutes early. Parents will be impressed by punctuality, as often they will need you at a specific time so they can go to work or attend to other commitments. Take it from someone who has been there, there is nothing more frustrating for a parent than waiting for a childcarer to arrive after the time they were booked, knowing you will be late for work as a result.

Dress neatly. Smart, casual clothes are needed to look good at the interview. Dont forget to take your CV or relevant qualifications if applicable such as your references, drivers licence, first aid certificate etc. When you meet the parents, don't forget to smile, shake hands and introduce yourself. Look them in the eye when talking and try to be yourself.

RELAX! Parents aren't looking for superman or woman, just a nice person. Most of our child carers have become family friends. Thats the sort of relationship that parents ideally want, someone who can fit into the family home without seeming like an intruder! The parents will want to ask you questions.

Make sure you listen carefully before you answer. Don't talk for too long when you reply and keep to the point. Remember to ask questions yourself if there are things that you are not sure of. When the interview is complete, shake hands again and remember to say how nice it was to meet them. Good luck!

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