How to write your personal description

It is important to write a good personal description as this gives parents an insight as to what sort of person you are. The happier they are with what they read about you the better the chance of being offered work.

Use the following as a guide to help you. Remember the only people who can read this are parents who are paid, registered members of the babysitters4u website.

It doesn't have to be long, a paragraph or two is fine.

Introduce yourself, e.g. Hi my name is Hayley. (Don't put your surname in here as that is part of your confidential information which is not revealed to anyone on your profile.)

Describe your current living situation, e.g. I am living at home with my parents whilst studying, or I am retired and living in my own home.

Give a brief description of what you do at the moment, e.g. I am at Canterbury University studying economics.

Tell the parents why you would be a great babysitter and include any experience you have. e.g. I am mature, trustworthy and responsible and have had several babysitting jobs in the past year looking after 2 preschool children.

Talk about your interests, hobbies and sports you are involved in, as it helps to show you are a well rounded person.

Showing you have a sense of humour never hurts, as most parents want a carer you will have fun with their children.

Let them know if you are able to be flexible in hours of work or pay.

When you have finished, check the spelling and grammar. Get a family member or friend to read it, they may be able to tell you things to include which you hadn't thought of, or help with choosing the right words.

Go for it!

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