Interviewing a Potential Babysitter

Once you have found babysitters that meet your needs on then you will need to arrange an interview to determine their suitability. This is generally best conducted at your house so they can meet your children and you can show them the environment.

An interview should not only focus on the person's skills and experience but also their personality and temperament, to make sure they will get along with your children.

Remember if you are feeling a little unsure or nervous about interviewing someone, they will be equally as nervous. It is helpful to chat about things in general to break the ice, rather than launching into a barrage of questions which will only intimidate the babysitter.

A conversation is what is needed rather than just a question and answer session. To that end ask open-ended questions such as 'Why do you enjoy babysitting?' The answer to which requires explanation, rather than 'Do you like babysitting?' which only requires a simple yes or no as an answer and reveals little about the person.

The questions you ask will vary depending on the type and age of caregiver you are interviewing. We have split the questions into two groups, one for younger caregivers and one for adult or professional caregivers. You can mix the questions depending on the individual. You don't need to ask all the questions, pick ones which you feel are important to you.

Have a notepad and pen with you so you can take notes, this is especially useful if you are interviewing more than one babysitter, once they have gone it can be difficult to remember what each individual said.

In conclusion, once you have finished the interview, it would be a good idea to introduce the babysitter to your children. Allow them some time together whilst you are present, so you can observe how they interact.

Thank the babysitter for attending the interview and explain to them how and when you will inform them of the outcome.

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